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In the month of April, we launched our pledge to the young people of Credo Care.

 You may or may not know that we have a children’s group called The Home Improvers. This group includes young people from Credo Care. They meet on a monthly basis and talk about lots of things, from their favourite sweets and songs, to being fostered and have even drafted questions to be presented at foster carer panels. At the group, they think about what all the young people living with Credo foster carers may want or need to make things better.  

 During these meetings, they’ve been working on something very important.  Together, and with Nikki, Michelle and Sarah from Credo Care, they have created a pledge which is a set of 5 promises that everyone at Credo Care wants to make to all of the young people we care for. 

 Every staff member at Credo Care has signed their name to this pledge, affirming their commitment to upholding these promises to our young people.

 Our Director Roy, took a moment to connect with our young people through a video message, communicating the importance of our shared pledge. You can watch the video by clicking on the image above.