Child dressed in a red and black checked shirt, smiling at the camera with his hands in his pockets.

“There is lots of clapping and cheering when we are out and about, we are very proud of what C has achieved in nearly 5 months.”

Celebrating C’s Big Achievement

C is being celebrated on World Autism Acceptance Week for what he has achieved in just 5 months with the support of his foster carers and support worker.

C’s big achievement is toileting. He was terrified of the bathroom and the toilets.  C would refuse to use any toilet,  at home or in public. When out with C, if you needed the toilet yourself, it was a huge problem. It took several weeks of playing games and singing songs to overcome his fear just to enter a bathroom.   As C’s trust in his foster carers developed and with the assistance of their support worker, he slowly started to enter the toilet, mainly through racing games and the toilet song. There have been set backs, but with a huge amount of praise,  C now uses toilets, at home or in public.

C still has a great fear of new toilets and most of all hand dryers, but his foster carers have stayed consistent, persistent and repetitive and most of all made it C’s choice and achievement to use toilets.  There is lots of clapping and cheering when they are out and about and everyone is very proud of what C has achieved in nearly 5 months .

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