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The whole of Credo Care Fostering is loving the #FosteringMoments theme of this year’s Foster Care Fortnight. It has been truly inspiring to hear the countless stories from our fostering community, each sharing the moments that have shaped their journeys.  The moments, big or small, that have created an undeniable impact on their lives, reminding us all of the profound impact fostering has on everyone involved.

Our Fostering Moments

The first fostering moment we would like to share with you is from our Managing Director, Richard, who loved taking part in, and also witnessing the wonderful efforts of our Credo Care choir.

“One of the many fostering moments I have had, was taking part, and seeing the outstanding work of our foster carers, their families, children and staff, to produce the Credo Care choir song for Children in Need. It was amazing and brings a tear to my eye each time I watch it. I am so proud of the commitment of time and effort by all.”

This moment is a powerful reminder of the positive impact fostering has on the lives of so many, fostering not just relationships but also a sense of belonging and community.

Alan, Team Manager to Credo Care’s south region, shared a fostering moment from the heart.

“I have  worked with foster carers in different capacities before joining a fostering service in the role of Supervising Social Worker in 2011. It was at that time that I became aware of, and was able to appreciate, how fortunate I was to be able to be part of the lives of our foster carers and the children they look after. In the past thirteen years I have worked alongside foster carers which has included some difficulties and challenges, but I have also been lucky enough to share some of the many achievements and celebrations both of our foster carers and children and these are memories that, even now as I am writing this, will always make me smile. I am extremely privileged to do the job I do, and to work with such amazing foster carers, colleagues and children is something I will never take for granted.” 

For Company Administrator, Zowie, her fostering moment gave her a feeling of pure joy.

“The moment that stands out for me was being able to join in with wonderful events like the sing and sign along session. It’s a really heart warming moment to see our young people and their families moving to music, singing and having so much fun.”

The next moment is from our Finance Manager and AQA Unit Award Centre Coordinator, Justine.

“While it may not be myself doing the fostering, a wonderful fostering moment for me was seeing one of our amazing foster children, supported by their loving foster carer, social worker and support worker, gaining their first AQA Unit Award in greeting for a non-verbal child.  Our children can do anything surrounded by the love and care they receive with Credo Care and it is an absolute honour and privilege to be a part of that journey.”

For Referrals and Placements Coordinator, Dawn, it was a moment she will forever cherish.

“When I first matched a child to their new foster family.”

Feeling inspired?

Foster care fortnight is the perfect time to gather information and learn more about becoming a foster carer. You will find a great deal of information about fostering on our Foster with us page.